Tuesday, November 14, 2006

In the Harvest - A and J

A and J are in a large East Asian nation. While A was not able to be at the training, you will not doubt remember J from our time in Fort Fun. I am not sure but I think A and J as leaders make folks on their team take turns driving the pedicab for them.

As most of you know where they serve is a place of incredible reaping right now. But we know this is not the case everywhere. Actually for the devotion this week, I thought I would just edit an email J sent to a fellow team leader as a word of encouragement. It’s a good reminder that we should not gain our significance as leaders in results but in faithfulness. I edit it a little as I can tell that J has a little bit of his Presbyterian pastor father in him. (BTW, you can leave a message for J @ (347) 408-0703.)

“Keep persevering brother. You are right where God wants you to be and you are there at the precise time that he desires for your team to be there. Just focus on being faithful and obedient when you are with students and God will do the rest. Know that you have been called to take part in the harvest and you don’t have to worry about the end product because we know what it will be – God’s great and glorious gathering of people from all the world.

We have the privilege of being his workers. You might be this incredible planter of seeds that will bear much fruit. You might be that person that is so great at watering and taking care of those seeds making sure that thorns don’t come around them to choke and kill them. Or you might be that worker that is able to see the seeds reap fruit. But in this whole process we know is God who does it all. He is in charge of the growth and yet He chooses to use us redeemed sinners to bring His message.

Be encouraged brother! Also know that you are there not only hoping to see people come to faith. God is using this time to grow you as well as you go out into His fields and work. He desires your personal growth in Him. So take so much joy in finding time to be with God and to allow Him to mold and shape you.

I have found it so easy to get lost in everything that is going on in terms of ministry, looking after a team, etc… that I forget about myself. I forgot to take care of my body. I forget to take care of my spiritual well being. And basically I forget that God is inside of me. Don’t forget in the midst of doing ministry that you do have a great opportunity to bring glory to God through doing ministry but more importantly you have the privilege and opportunity to bring glory to God in the way you life your own life. You yourself get to experience the healing power of the gospel. Allow the Spirit to work in you. It is so easy to get so wrapped up in what we do that we forget that we also have to focus on just ‘being.’ We are free! Free from sin and free from ourselves!

We have a God who says, ‘Go out and love people and tell them about me. Don’t worry what will happen because I quite honestly I am the one doing all work. I saved you from darkness and I give you the words to use. I also send my Spirit to work in the hearts of those you talk to and so even if your presentation comes out so poorly, I will still use you.’ God delights in using us. I have been so humbled here because there have been times where I have definitely not been there at all with students and yet God decides to work in that person’s heart and bring them to faith. We work for the Lord of the Harvest! Awesome! There is no greater ‘boss’ to work for and more importantly to work with.

We can live in total freedom of results because there is no where better to be than in the middle of God’s will for our own life and other people’s lives. Live in freedom! Seek to be faithful and obedient! Pray, pray, pray!! Above all – enjoy it! Enjoy seeing what seeds are planted, what seeds are watered, and what seeds come to bear fruit!! Enjoy it because God is enjoying using you and your team in such a great way. What you are doing is not little. It is great stuff. It will have an impact on eternity and we know that eternity matters!!!! Blessings in the work that lies ahead!” Posted by Picasa

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