Thursday, November 16, 2006

Why can't new teeth all come at once?

That was what Robin said after we spent most of the night tag-teaming with crying little boys. Drew popped out a couple of new teeth and Jack has some on the verge.

At one point in delirium in the middle of the night, I picked up my pillow to go lay on the sofa as Robin was giving Jack some ibuprofen. I was thinking Drew was back in his crib. I get downstairs and there is Drew on the sofa waiting on me. Robin had left him to come give medicine to Jack who was in bed with me. Drew calmed down for a while sleeping on my chest on the sofa but went nuts when I took him back up.

Somehow, sometime Robin and I switched. I can't recall how it happened. But I found myself with Jack on the sofa in the same position and he finally zonked out and stayed calm when I took him back upstairs. Don't know what I would do without coffee. Not sure how Robin is making it. I should stop typing and go home and relieve her.


Ruth said...

WOW. I love reading your posts about your beautiful wife and those "three baby sons."

How soon we forget the trama of raising children... It is only meant for couples and not for the new popular "single parent"...phrase being banded about...

I may be the only Mama in the world who has said, "I would like to start over and do it all over again." (as difficult as pregnancy, chilbirth AND KNOWING WHAT TO DO WITH THE LITTLE CREATURES WHEN THEY FINALLY ARRIVE) God has richly blessed all five of you.

Andy McCullough said...

Thank you, Aunt Ruth. I enjoy your posts as well. The weekend added an extra twist in that Luke got the stomach flu. Joy is not in the circumstances so it the midst of crazy nights and stuff we want embrace the blessing.