Friday, December 15, 2006

Small World Project

Robin and I watched this ABC News program the night before last on the Small World Project. You know the theory that the whole world separated by six degrees or less. It kind of interests me because of the implications of launching movements everywhere.

The connectiveness of relationships in our global society could enable the gospel to be proclaimed to everyone on a relational level.

Yesterday, I went to Columbia University's Small World Project website and signed up as a guinea pig for their project. My first target is a lady from Spain which I think might not be too hard since we have a lot of people in Spain. The 2nd one I was given seems actually a little harder. It's an actress/dancer from Chicago. We'll see how it goes and if I can connect with them in six degrees of less.


Jane said...

Andy, I decided to try this too and from the description of the person you were given...I think we were given the same person!!!! Isn't that strange!
I have not had any success with this at all, how about you.

Andy McCullough said...

Thanks weird that you got the same person. I am stuck on 2nd degree.