Friday, December 15, 2006

Coolest Character in Bible for 4 yr old boy

I was reading to Luke in the Big Picture Story Bible the other night. We read the nativity story and he wanted to read one more story as usual.

When we read about John the baptist, Luke remembered his 'sandwich' of bugs with honey dripping out and pointed it out. Though Luke thought the bugs were butterflies and beetles.

I thought, you know John the Baptist has to be cool to a little 4 yr old boy.

~ He eats bugs. Grasshopper no, less.
~ He eats honey. (One of the few things Luke will eat.)
~ He spends a lot of time outside.
~ He wears sandals or goes bare foot.
~ He wears cool clothes - a camel's hair coat and a leather belt.
~ He doesn't have to get a haircut or probably even comb his hair.
~ He hangs out by a river.
~ He uses cool words like 'you brood of vipers'. (Not sure Luke would know what that means but if I said that he called some bad guys 'a family of snakes'; he would think that was cool and might use it.)
~ And he has Jesus for a cousin - how cool is that?


Jane said...

That is so great. Having a Bible character as a hero is the very best.

Joan said...

very cool, indeed! And I thought I had the greatest cousins!

Anonymous said...

I've eaten quite a few grasshoppers and find them quite tasty.

Anonymous said...

Oops...forgot to sign that.
-Kamp Ed