Tuesday, February 20, 2007

5 Principles of Growth

I uploaded a PDF file of an article by Shane Deike to the STINT Playbook #2. It is called "5 Principles of Growth" and can be found under the "Launch Movements" folder.

It is a team exercise on Kingdom Growth or Movement Launching. I am sure even if you are not 2nd year, it could be a good resource to use in a future team meeting especially as you dream about what God can do!

Shane is a good friend who makes me laugh and dream big. He is the epitome of a pioneer. We first met when we were both leaders on projects to Kenya way back in 88 when he was still a student. This pre-dates WSN. Shane was on the WSN team serving as RD in MS when I first joined and pioneered the first ever STINT Team Leaders Trg.

Shane's blog BTW is very Blogarithm worthy.

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