Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Random Dreams ~ Forgiveness

Okay last night I had two dreams that were rather random. The first was one were someone, as a practical joke, took my car and two other ones. In the dream, he took the junkiest. As a joke, he removed all the parts and filled the inside with H20. I was so mad. I brought some friends to look at it and suddenly it was all back except it wouldn't crank because it was water-logged. I called this guy on the cell phone and told him he needed to pay me for the car but I would be nice and drop the price down from blue book value. but he wouldn't pay me so I was going to take him to one of those court TV shows.

Then i had another dream that was so random it is hard to explain but it was a similar thing were someone wronged me and wouldn't own up to it. Then I woke up and was reminded of the parable of the unmerciful servant. Crazy it was just a couple of dreams but the feeling of injustice was real. It made me think of how often i feel 'wronged' and don't forgive in a manner I have been forgiven.

This morning, I was catching up on blogs I read and read the entry of one of my friends, Jessica Bott and she had a similar experience on Sunday except it was real. Maybe I should just be glad my lesson didn't cost me.

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