Monday, February 12, 2007

Getting Ready to Show

Robin and I are going to re-list on townhome for sale. We are going with a new realtor with a whole team of help.

Our target date to get ready to show is Feb. 24th. We leave for a couple of weeks on that date so it would mean several days of being shown without Robin having to rush to get the kids out.

It's less than two weeks away so we spent the weekend - getting tons of boxes from a family who just moved from Orlando to work on our OPs team, buying stuff to repair holes in the drywall that little boys have created, building a shelf in the rafters of our garage to store stuff, and starting to box up clutter. Luke 'helped' me build the shelf by going with me to Lowe's and taking a hammer to whack stuff.

Hopefully this week we can make a huge dent in cleaning out closets, the kitchen cabinets and basement. Then we can repair the drywall holes, touch-up paint and fix little stuff. Sometime this week Robin will have one of the realtors come over and give her tips on getting it ready to show.

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Jane said...

Good luck Andy. I hope it sells quickly and for the price you need.
Praying for you!