Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Helping Bring Worshipers of Every Nation into His Kingdom

I met with some of our long-term and short-term missionaries at a conference in Spain last month. It was a midyear for missionaries serving all over Europe, the former Soviet Union and in the Muslim world.

Kalan, the guy on the far right in the picture, is one of our short-term missionaries (STINTers) in Krasnodar, Russia. In fact, he is the youngest of 400 STINTers around the world as he just this past week turned 21. Over lunch one day, he summed up his ministry to me. “My job is not to share my faith. It is not to get guys into a bible study. It is to help bring worshipers of every nation into His kingdom.”

And that is what Kalan and others from his team are doing in Krasnodar. Not only Russians study in their city but students from over 50 people groups who are considered unreached study there as well. There are also numerous students from countries like Syria, Afghanistan, and India.

Kalan went on to say that because of this role of helping bring worshipers into His kingdom, he has realized this year that he is to live a life of worship. When he does, Kalan is motivated to proclaim the Good News to the lost and make disciples of every nation.

I was amazed by Kalan’s heart! This is what we desire for ourselves and as we sent out and serve missionaries around the world. We desire that we would live a life of worship and out of an overflow of our walks with the Lord that we would help bring worshipers of every nation into His Kingdom!

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Anonymous said...

Nice article. I know Kalan from attending Northfield Church with him. He put a link to your blog in his latest update.

-- from tim@seest.us