Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Updates from Around the Globe


These are just some of the STINT Leaders serving around the world. Robin and I helped train them last summer and it was a highlight to reconnect with many of them last month in Spain.

This group pictured leads mission teams reaching students in England, Germany, France, Italy, Lithuania, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Russia, Morocco, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Each Wednesday, I feature pair of leaders on a STINT LEADERS highlighting what God is doing in their part of the world along with a short devotion.

Feel free to stop by and read what God is doing around the world and join us in praying for these leaders.


Nate - the dude with the afro - recently went on a campus where there is no work - UAM Azcapotzalco. He put up posters around the campus with an icthyus (fish symbol) on it. His sign read in Spanish, “If this symbol means anything to you, come to a meeting tomorrow.” The next day, five guys showed up! Nate is meeting with them and help them launch a movement on their campus.

Next month, hundreds of Spring Breakers will come down from US to help start movements like this on campuses throughout the city. I will join them overlapping weeks 3 and 4.


We recently sent out the first team from our region to Thailand. They are on a Semester STOP-OUT serving the Lord by helping with the Tsunami relief efforts. They are in the southern part of Thailand that is culturally Muslim. Their desire is to combine the compassionate words and deeds of Christ and to bring light in the midst of darkness.

This team of seven represents students taking a semester off from school, recent graduates, and one guy who has never been to college but is a wielder by profession. In June, a team of another 10 students will join them for that month to continue the work. Robin and I are serving the summer team this Spring by reviewing applications, helping them raise support and working on logistics.


Last month, one of the students that Phil (3rd person from left) had befriended came up to him and told him about a nightmare he had. This Serbian student had a dream where he died and stood before the gate to heaven. “And this man, I think you call him Saint Peter, asked me why he should let me into heaven. I didn’t know what to say. I woke up in a cold sweat and asked all my friends if they knew the answer to this question. None of my friends could tell me. Can you tell me how to know that if I die that I will go to heaven?

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