Friday, February 16, 2007

Stolen Truck

No it wasn't mine. Sadly, I haven't had a truck since 1997. But I did report this....

An officer responded to a report of an abandoned vehicle parked on the 13900 block of Lake Song Lane at 3:09 p.m. Jan. 29, according to police. The vehicle, a white 2005 Ford F-350, had been reported stolen out of Denver Dec. 29, police said. The vehicle was processed for evidence and towed.

The crazy thing is that if you read this police report on this link, the next paragraph is eerily similar about a white 2001 Ford F-350 truck found the next day not far from where we live. Either that got that wrong or somebody in Broomfield was stealing white Ford F-350 trucks.

Actually I keep noticing this truck in our parking lot. It was taking up two spots because it was parked crooked. At first I was just like, 'dude, come repark your vehicle.' And then one day I looked into the bed and saw two suitcases and thought, 'that's strange'. I mentioned it to Robin and we decided maybe I should just wait a week. Not sure why i guess we thought we should just wait and see. Maybe the driver up rocks in suitcases to weight it done since we had a lot of snow. So when I got back from Spain and saw it was still there I called it in.

Actually I am glad it was just a stolen truck and not a murder or some story about a neighbor who had a heart attack. It was parked in front of another building so I really wasn't sure it was just somebody i didn't know or what.

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