Friday, February 16, 2007

What this guy near me needs

Okay I am officing out of a local coffeeshop today. Cuts my commute down by 30 minutes each way.

But this dude sitting near me has been taking business calls all morning and yelling at the top of his lung. Would he yell like this if he wasn't on a phone? Why does being on a cell phone give you the right to yell in a public place? Totally clueless. Everybody stares at him and he keeps yelling. I had a call and went outside to talk - not too cold today.

I hear (and so does everyone else within a mile) that he is going to the airport. GOOD!


Joan said...

I have never quite figured out why people feel the need to share their conversations with everybody within hearing distance when they are talking on a cellphone. I guess they are having trouble hearing the person on the other end of the line and unconsciously raise their own volume to compensate. Anyway -- the lack of consideration for others is troubling to say the least.

Jane said...

That is something I have pondered as well. It's as if they think no one can hear them. It is SO rude and inconsiderate. Maybe we should all start talking loud too and see if they notice!