Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Finding Co-workers and Great Grub in Unusal Places

Sunday afternoon, I went to Teotihuacán with Craig and Curtis & Emily Brink. (It was a free day for Spring Breakers and the team.)
We climbed the third largest pyramid in the world.

But the most unusual finds were a guy in traditional garb who looks suspiciously like John Lamb ..... Compare for yourself - that's the real JL by Victoria Falls.

And eating at the coolest restaurant inside a real cave. La Gruta. It has been around since 1906. I had what had been their house speciality since 1929 (the year my dad was born). It could have been the best Mexican food I have ever ate! The Mole was mucho gustoso. Unreal! We even got a show and Craig was pulled up on stage to dance. Great last day in Mexico City!


Jane said...

Andy, we visited the pyramids when we were in Mexico City visiting our friends who were OMS missionaries there at the time. We also ate in La Gruta!! Isn't that the coolest place, literally! We really enjoyed the show and the food....but you can have the mole. We didn't like that.

Joan said...

We enjoyed a great visit to Mexico City and Teotihuacan a few years ago too!