Friday, March 23, 2007

Launching Movements, Eating Tacos and Hiking

Today I went with Craig and Eric Heistand (Our Metro Director in Denver)to University Anahuac. It is very rich private Catholic University. There is even a Starbucks on campus. We made some good contacts that we hope will open some great doors. I got to share the gospel with 4 students. The conversation ended before I could finish because they needed to go but I was able to leave a 4 laws with the two girls who were really interested.

Craig then took us to his favorite taco stand: Torito Feliz. Some great steak tacos!

Then we drove 15 minutes outside the city into the mountains and we went for a hike. Can you believe this is the city of 25 million? Unbelievable.


Joan said...

Jim and I visited Mexico City back in 1995. What a fascinating place -so huge and such variety. Did you get to visit Teotihuacan?

Andy McCullough said...

Yes. I went on Sunday afternoon. I might post on that soon too.

Cool that you and Jim went back in 95. We will have compare notes or next time I go you can tell me cool places not to miss.