Thursday, March 22, 2007

In Mexico City

I'm in Mexico City. Today I joined the c. 30 Spring Breakers for worship, sharing and prayer in the park near their hotel. There were some great stories of what has already happened this week. Several of them met students who were praying for a Christian group to be started on their campus. Just a bunch of cool stories about God clearly showing up. I shared a little from Luke 10 with the group. I think i may write about this next Wednesday on the STINT Leaders blog.

They broke to go on campuses, but I spent most of the day meeting with Marta Fraser, one of our regional directors; David Bedolla, the CCC National Campus Director of Mexico, and Joe Cross & Craig Johring, our Enfoque Mexico Directors. We had a great several hours of talking about vision, thinking of ways to solve problems and praying together. Great times!

David is a great young man. It is so cool to have a Mexican in this role too!

Tonight all the CCC staff down for the week are gonna hang out together. Tomorrow I will go with a group to a campus. I am excited about what God is going to do!!!

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