Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen we Have a Buyer!

Yesterday we got a call from our realtor Jesse that someone was making an offer on our townhome. It was 4k less than we listed but we countered this more at the medium price and in less than an hour, he accepted it!

This is huge! Last year we were listed from June to December. We listed this time on Feb 24th and so in less than 3 weeks we had more showing than we did in six months and have a buyer!!! Because we were gone almost all of that time, Robin never had to clean up and load up the kids in a moment's notice. We did have a showing last Sunday but it was while we were at church and we cleaned up Saturday am.

Please pray with us that everything will go through. Pray also for us now that we need to be really aggressive in looking for a new home. We close on April 20th and need to have keys in hand so we need a place to live or we will be homeless.

There was one bummer though in that the property I looked at right before we listed (and left town) is no longer on the market. it was removed yesterday. It's not totally a closed door yet as its a long story but it was in process of foreclosure and the time ran out yesterday. So now its fully bank-owned and there is not a clear picture if it will be back on the market before we need to buy. Jesse is going to do some major research for us on this while we keep looking.

If you are local, I highly, highly recommend the Team Rutledge!

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Jane said...

Halleluia! I am so happy for you both. I know what it is like to be trying to sell a house. I know you will find just the right home to buy.