Monday, March 19, 2007

Where we are in Housing-hunting

We are still on the path of closign on our place on April 20th... But we are not sure where we will live.

Friday i went through Numbers with my friend Glen who is our Mortgage Broker. Looks good except we realize than in order to put 20% down, be within a reasonable range of what we can pay monthly, live where we want to live and not settle on a place we don't really like.... our pickings are slim right now.

We are still holding out for this place we really like and that I saw about a month ago. It was in the transitionary period for foreclsure and the day we got an offer, it passed the deadline for the owner to sell it. So its kind of complex but the bank owns it or will own it. So it could be good in that maybe it will sell for less. But we have heard it could take months for it to reappear on the market and in that scenerio we would be homeless for a while. And not even sure we could still buy it. But if it did come up sooner and maybe even sell for less, we could grab it. Crazy.

Anyway we are looking at some homes tommorrow, then I will be in Mexico for a week so if any looking will be done it will be by Robin herself.

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Jane said...

God will give you the desire of your heart. Trust Him.
Love to you all!