Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Great News... Contracts pending

Well the bank accepted our offer . They accepted the price but they are countering with a later closing date of May 24th. So we will need to find a place to live for a month. But we will take that!!!!

Turns out no one else made an offer over the weekend and the realtor just decided since we offered the bank's listing price that he didn't even put it on the MLS.

Technically we still have to finalize the contracts. Its not a done deal in Colorado until the contracts are signed. I guess the worse thing that could happen is our buyer backs out and we have to as well. But Friday was the deadline for him to pull out without losing his earnest money so if he pulls out now its unlikely. That would really be sad!!!

So God gave us this house for $20, 000 less than it was listed at 2 months ago! God is so cool.

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Jane said...

That is GREAT!!!! I am so happy for you all.
By the way, I have nominated you as "Thinking Blogger". Check it out on my blog.