Monday, April 16, 2007

Inspecting, Packing, Moving and Closing

This is a crazy week. Today we had an inspection of our new home. (I am including some pics I thought I had deleted. One is a view of mts from the dining area.)
Sometime tomorrow we have a POD being delivered. I will start filling it up that night as a neighbor volunteered to help me move the washer and dryer.

Wednesday, I am hoping I have some more help with moving. I am rewarding (tempting) folks with a free KT's lunch. Who can turn down BBQ?

We need to be out by Friday as we close early afternoon. The buyer is doing a final walk-through that am. So Robin and I will move into the basement of some friends Wednesday night and come back and clean, paint, etc that night and Thursday if needed.

If I need another POD (very likely) it will arrive on the 19th so I can fill it up on my own. PODs will be then delivering it to our new address to be stored there until we unload. Only we don't know for sure when we will get to move in. Closing on that could be as late as May 25th and as early as April 30th.

So all this to say, I will not be blogging much this week...

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Jane said...

WOW, I love your view. That is going to make meal time enjoyable. And your kitchen is GREAT. I am SO happy for you and Robin and the boys.