Friday, April 13, 2007

Luke's Major Award

Luke won a major award. He guessed the amount of candy in a jar and won the jar. It was this Easter festival last Saturday that I alluded to in this post. He guessed 50 and there were 49! The boy knows his candy!! (Okay, he also guessed 50 for the jar of jelly beans too which had like 500 in it.)

Robin didn't think we should let him know he won. Speaking for the prosecution: "He doesn't need that much candy."

Speaking for the defense, I said, "Are you kidding me? He won a major award! In 43 years of life, I have never guessed the right amount of candy in a jar! He will remember this the rest of his life. It may set the course of his future: being the one who predicts elections, knows how many showed up at an evangelistic event, works at Six Flags guessing people's weight and age, guesses the correct number of attendees at a sporting event on the jumbotron contests, etc. We have to let him get his prize!"

Robin's rebuttal: "We are talking about a boy who doesn't eat properly and is not in the habit of brushing his teeth daily."

My suggestion: "Let's let him have it but encourage him to share with his friends... and maybe his mom and dad."

So last night at Awana's, Luke got his prize and when we got home he decided which ones to keep for himself and which ones to give to friends. "Danya can have this one because I already have one like it." He also decided to save some for the future learning the principle of savings. "I will keep these until I am 6. (He turns 5 in late June.)"

So Luke got his candy. He learned the principle of giving and saving. As well as 'being blessed in order to bless others.' Well maybe not fully learned but he applied it nonetheless.
Now if we can get him to brush his teeth without a fight.

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