Monday, June 18, 2007


  • I haven't blogged in over a week so let me catch you up...
Friday 8th - we noticed we had a water leak downstairs. Hard to explain but a previous owner put in the sprinkler system and its crazy. They used PVC pipes (not even good ones) and ran a drain under a cabinet. This is where the leak was.

Saturday 9th - I was supposed to participate in ShareFest where our church joined several churches in helping do work around local schools like painting and improving the grounds. Our church was doing Boulder High which you might know from recent news. But because of the plumping issue, Robin took my place in the am and I had my own personal ShareFest.

Not to self... leave plumbing issues alone. I thought I would try to repair the leak and save use some money. And doing so I saw that there was also a drip at the shut-off value before that leak so I thought cuff off all the water at the cut-off value in our hot water heater closet and cut the PVC pipe before the value... Big Mistake. The way they rigged this contraption, the water was not cut-off. I needed to cut it off outside the house.

What was a leak because a gush. All I could do was wait until Robin came home because I only had time to empty bucket after bucket. Hours later when she came home and put twins down for a nap, Robin took over bucket brigade as I ran back to Lowe's to get more pipe. Oh I forgot to say, I got the wrong size. In fact, took me several trips to find the right size as the pipe they put in was not a regulation size. The closest was 1 inch but it wasn't a perfect fit.

Long story short, I never clued in to turning off the water at the street so I tried to do this job with water running and basically it was a half-way job. it still leaked as I couldn't tighten the pipes enough with water running through.

We got a plumber to come out on Tuesday. Was hoping against hope that it would be covered by out warranty but not a chance because it was not up to code. It took him a while to figure this out too so it made me feel a little better. We got the leak plugged but the pressure caused a leak outside. So tomorrow we are getting him to return to and replace the whole PVC system with regulation copper piping. Going to cost us. But I think I will sleep better at night.

Johnstown Flood - All the while this was happening, I ironically was reading Johnstown Flood by David McCullough. I keep thinking my house was going to be like this town and that i needed to pay the piper (or plumber) before something worse happening.

This past weekend's projects - While my confidence in my home-improvement skills were at a all-time low, I did do a few things like removed the sliding shower door from the upstairs bathroom, replaced a cracked toilet seat, 'fixed' a door in the downstairs bathroom, replaced the hoses on the washing machine, and organized the downstairs bedroom. Taking the shower door off means Robin or I can see all the kids when they take a bath. Robin sat the boys up to watch me dismantle it with applause and play-by-play.

T-Ball - This morning Luke had his first T-Ball practice. He ran the bases, practiced throwing, and getting in the ready position. He is one of only two southpaws, though the way he threw maybe he really is right-handed. He said he had fun but I think he most will recall the beetle he found while the coach had them all sit down in a circle.

Well got to go to dentist soon... Will seem like cake next to plumbing issues!

Oh yeah, our garage door quit working yesterday am - that thing has to be covered by the warrenty - I hope!

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