Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Luke's 5th birthday

Hard for me to believe but on Friday the 29th, Luke Haynes McCullough turns 5. Seems like yesterday, I woke up on a Saturday to find Robin in the kitchen making waffles and saying, "You better get done this morning whatever you need to get done because we are having a baby today." He came 10 days early (I think that's right) and we didn't know if he would be a boy or a girl. We never got to use the girl's name which we landed on first (Amelia Louise).

Robin was a trooper. She called the hospital and they kept telling her to wait and not come in. By the time she did, she was too far along to get drugs and her doctor barely made it. At one time, Luke's heart rate dropped and even as he came out Dr. Talamantes had to do an episiotomy because his head wouldn't come out.

When he did come into the world and we learned we had a boy, I was overwhelmed with love. Like nothing before. He hadn't done nothing for nobody but I loved him so much. It gave me a picture of our loving Father who loves us conditionally. He loved us when we had done nothing for nobody... in fact we had done something but it was sin.

Luke is a special little boy. Sometimes he is in his own world and lives life at his own pace. He has a strong will for sure. But he loves helping his dad whether going to get stuff at Lowe's (which he can read) or helping me try to fix stuff. He likes to wrestle me and is starting to wrestle. It used to be just a glorified dady hug but that's okay too.

He is incredibly observant and notices stuff I never notice. He's quiet in public but a jabber at home especially when he has one of us to himself. He likes books. He likes the outside. (Always has - sometimes the only way we could get him to stop screaming in the middle of the night is to take him outside to look at the moon and stars.)

I never can tell if he is interested in spiritual things yet or not. Sometimes he will surprise me and ask me to read from the bible story book. he seems to like SS and Vacation Bible School but he is too shy to pray and even goes under the table when we say the blessing.

I have already given me a Spiderman Scooter that he wanted. He didn't want to wait and wanted when he was still 4. That strong will thing. Logic of waiting or it being wraped escapes him.

We will celebrate his birthday tommorrow - a day early. Because early Friday, I leave for Korea. I was suppsoed to leave on the 28th but will just miss the first night's session in order to not miss his birthday.


Jane said...

Happy Birthday dear little Luke. Time does go by far too fast, doesn't it?
Have a fun party and have a save trip to Korea.

Andy McCullough said...

Thanks Jane Ann. We did have a good party at Chuckie Cheese. When Luke suggested doing it there Robin and I groaned. But actually good place because kids run around and play games and they lety us bring in a cake and ice cream without having to buy their really bad pizza.