Saturday, July 07, 2007

Thoughts On Korea

I got back from Korea yesterday. It was 6 pm by the time I got home. I am still on wacky jet-lag as I went to bed last night and slept til 1 pm.

This is a picture of all of the Great Plains staff and students at CM2007. My camera battery went dead the first day. One big negative about a rechargeable camera battery. I couldn't just buy one to replace it and left the recharger at home. I will just have to harvest other people's pics off of facebook or something.

A lot of thoughts are still in my head from Korea. Sort of random but here are a few...

1. This may have been the most historically significant event I have ever been to 21 years of ministry.

2. Korean staff are the greatest servants I have ever seen. I never saw them complain. Korean students are incredibly friendly. They genuinely were glad we were there and wanted to meet us.

3. The Koreans have no limits in their worship. It's real, its infectious and fun.

4. Can I take worker's comp for a worship injury? I got thrust into a worship mosh pit the last night and injured my calf. They might be the "dancing generation, dancing because of Your great mercy, Lord" but I am old.

5. It was a taste of heaven with students from all over the world and most of them didn't look like me.

6. It was incrediblly encouraging to see students from places where I had ministered before or where I had helped send others. This was also a foretaste of heaven in seeing throngs the fruit of mine and others others labors.

7. I liked most Korea food. More than just Kim Chee.

8. As we send students to complete the mission... many will die. The conference was a call on the journey to movements everywhere to go after the next 6000 key universities in the world without a witness. Many of these are in places that are dangerous.

9. Students are willing to die for the cause of Christ. Over a 100 students came to hear about an opportunity to go to Afghanistan within the next year. Students from America, Korea, Russia, and all over.

10. It's hard to be away from my family but the role I have been given is worth it.

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