Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Day Two and Day Three of CSU

Yesterday was the "Craig Johring and Joe Cross" Day. Let's see my good friends were interviewed on stage by the MC - Bret Ogburn, (I was outside in an intense discussion and missed their big moment) referred to from up front by three speakers: Keith Bubalo, Layo Lavia, and Mark Gauthier. (Though I think Layo said "John and Craig") And they each had a spot during the WSN specific time.

So proud of them being recognized, hope they remember it's not about them! (Sure they will) And hope they remember the little people. Hey I joined staff with that Craig guy!

On a family note... both Jack and Drew have been throwing-up sick. Today was regional day and I came in late after taking Luke to childcare. Neither Robin nor I got much sleep last night because Jack and Drew didn't. Right now I am sitting with them while Robin and Luke are at the Great Plains regional picnic. They are sleeping which is good and why I can be updated this.

I think every time we bring kids to CSU -whether for staff training or STINT Team Leaders trg - they have gotten sick. At least for the first-time ever we are staying somewhere with AC.

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