Monday, July 16, 2007

Start of Campus Days

In addition to the boys first day in childcare, it was a good first full day...

Started with a WSN breakfast of Bagels and Coffee with CMC AOA (Central America/Mexico/Caribbean Area of Affairs) where the highlight for me was hearing an update of our Mexico Journey project where students went to 7 cities and launched 17 movements in 7 weeks. Joe Cross who led the project said it was like the Book of Acts which is exactly what we were praying for it to be like.

In the morning, we heard from Darryl Smith the National Director for Student Venture, our high school ministry. Darryl opened the Word and spoke on the Prodigal Son but mainly about our identity as children of the Father. Darryl's an awesome communciater and a humble grateful leader.

Mid-morning we heard from "Blue Like Jazz" author, Donald Miller. Donald gave a really good talk on stories and how we need to live and tell stories that are compelling. Pretty cool to rethink what we are truly living for as a story with a 'sitting-on-the-edge-of-your-seat' plot.

We had seminars in the afternoon (I only went to one) and then Holly Shelden who has been serving in East Asia for a number of years spoke in the evening. I missed most of Holly's talk because we took the boys to the meeting and Jack and Drew both started screaming for mommy at the same time so we had to leave. Good Day.

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Joan said...

Sounds like a really good day. With three small children in tow, it is not surprising that you had to miss some of the speakers. I enjoy reading your blog though I don't always comment.