Monday, August 20, 2007


Yesterday I came home to streamers in the tree and a welcome sign by the door.

Then I got a call from Steve Douglass the president of Campus Crusade. No lie. I was his liason for the one day he came out. He called me up as he was heading back to the airport/ He wanted feedback on his talk at the Commissioning and somehow the topic turned to Launching Movements. We talked for almost two hours I think. I got to share with him my analogy of oak trees which I think brings clarity into the whole debate about when a movement is a movement. We even talked about reaching post moderns and our passion to become true followers of Jesus as we launch movements everywhere so that everyone will know someone who truly follows Jesus.

He probally will not remember much of what we talked about but I will.

Then my family came home and I was greeted by three little boys and my adorable wife. I swear Drew learned like 50 words while I was gone. Can you learn that many in one week?

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