Monday, August 20, 2007

STINT Briefing Summary

It was a great week @ Copper Mountain. There were over 300+ STINTers (One-year missionaries) who were there to be trained and briefed. About half were there as full teams while the others will join existing teams with US staff serving overseas long-term and/or National staff.

Some flew directly to their assignment yesterday while many will report when the next few weeks. They will be heading (or already have) to Mexico, Barbados, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Japan and a few other nations that I cannot name. One team even prepped to serve in Hawaii and a number of interns came to prepare to reach Int'l students in America.

My friend Matt was our bible teacher. He spoke one scenes from the Gospels about Following Jesus. We had some great teachers speak on the four STINT objectives: Love the Lord, Love Your Team, Launch Movements and Learn a New World. We had breakouts by Area of Affairs (specific geographic areas), Seminars and every STINTer and team had a coach this week.

Personally I served on the Conference Leadership Team, coached 9 guys from Great Plains, gave two seminars that each were repeated, was Dr. Douglass' liaison and earned the title as Matt's nemesis. (Long story)

All-in-all it was a great week as the Lord met us at Copper Mountain. I feel spiritually refreshed and am excited about the teams we are sending out.

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