Thursday, August 09, 2007

Jack's Sentences

This morning Robin got up with Jack. The rest of us were still snoozing. Jack was sitting @ the window by himself looking at three hot air ballons in the distance. (Yes, they returned.) She overheard the following...

"Happy Birt-day to you.... Hot air boon... see him?... one, two, tee"

Then Luke got up and came in the kitchen and Jack said, "Look Ta Ta*, hot air boon. See him? Up."

* Both Jack and Drew refer to Luke as "Ta Ta". Though Drew has started saying "Ta Da". They started saying that before they could say Luke which they say as "uke" now. I am sure they were trying to say "Luke" or maybe "Big Brother" but since Robin and I thought it was cute and repeated what we heard, the nickname, much to Luke's chagrin, has stuck. We will have to drop it soon because what little boy to be known as Ta Ta?

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