Sunday, August 12, 2007

STINT Briefing

In about an hour, I will head up the mountain to our World STINT Briefing. It actually starts tommorrow but I am both on the design team and helping prep the team leaders tonight and tommorrow.

STINT Briefing is our conference for about 400 or so 1 year missionaries from all over the US going to serve in over 40 countries this next year. Some will be on teams made up of just STINT and some will join long-term CCC staff serving internationally. These teams will help pioneer movements on campuses around the globe.

I have two seminars this week (Tues am and Fri afternoon). One is one "How to Transition to the Gospel" and the other is on "Paul's Movement Planting Principles". The 2nd actually has another name in the program because I changed the name after it went to print.

Here are a few prayer requests posted by my buddy Matt who is running point. (Crazy thing is I wrote them but he posted them.) Matt shares the viz here.

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