Sunday, August 05, 2007

Luke's Prayers

In the last week or so, Luke was prayed three times at meal-times. He usually hides under the table when we pray.

The first prayer was last weekend as he thanked God for the fish we saw at the aquarium and for being with him when the scary fish was around.

But don't get too excited because the other two were for his imaginary friend. I guess: "Jesus, please help my friend Jacob who is caught in a net" doesn't really count if both the person you are praying for and his despirate situation are both imaginary.


Jane said...

Well at least he's praying and practice makes perfect, you know!!!

Thanks for the birthday wishes, I really appreciate it.

Love to you all.

Andy McCullough said...

Good news, Jacob is out of the net now. (Luke called his parents on a pretend phone.) Jesus answers prayer for imaginary people, too.

Matt Mikalatos said...

I suppose our own prayers sound silly enough to God much of the time.

Andy McCullough said...

So true Matt. I probally agonize over a lot of stuff that is just in my head.