Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Robin's 37

Today is my lovely sweet wife's birthday. Robin is 37. This morning I made blueberry pancakes, put 3 candles on hers and sang 'happy birthday'.

Jack cried. I am not sure if it was because we were not singing to him or because mom got the first pancake. Anyway he was fine after he got a couple of little ones.

I love my wife for many reasons....
She is kind.
She has a compassionate heart.
She serves without complaint.
She is patient.
She is a good mom.
She is generous.
She considers others first.
She encourages me and believes in me.
She is sweet, lovely and beautiful.
She puts up with 4 boys.

Happy Birthday, Robin!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Robin from Aunt Ruth<><

Anonymous said... you suppose Jack was crying to get you to stop singing? One of our grandchilren told Charles when he was singing to her, "Granddaddy...if you will stop singing i will go to sleep."

Actually Charles had a great singing voice and you do too. BTW...the only way I can comment on your blog is as annonynous. It will not take my password????

Nikki said...

Happy belated birthday Robin! And what a nice tribute to her Andy :)

Andy McCullough said...

On behalf of Robin, thank you both.

Aunt Ruth, It is very likely Jack was crying because I was singing. The boys often ask both Robin and me to stop singing. And no, I don't sing nearly as well as Uncle Charles did.

You might say about the devil that he sure is persistant but if you heard me sing you might say "well you do sing loud".

Joan said...

Yes, happy birthday, Robin!!