Friday, December 07, 2007

A Great Day

What a great day. We had the Christmas party at the township for the kids this afternoon. While we were waiting for the program to begin, we just spend time playing and loving on these kids. It brought joy to them just to be touched and loved.

Oh you can't imagine how patient these kids where waiting fr their hot dogs and then names to be called out for gifts. Then they waited until everyone got a gift before they opened them. And they were so appreciative of such small little gifts. it will be all the Christmas they receive this year. We are so incredibly blessed. What an incredible privilege to be able to bless others who have nothing.

Then we got back into town and got on the University of Pretoria campus. It's an incredibly beautiful campus with old buildings and tree-lined streets. There where hardly any students around but the two we met were believers. We got asked them about the spiritual climate on campus.

Tonight at out hostel we had a briii - which is like a South African BBQ. Great food and fun times. Tomorrow - a safari.

The only un-great thing about the day is I called home and Robin is stuck with sick little boys. Drew has an ear infection and Jack may not be far behind. I call home to crying the background every time.

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Anonymous said...

This is really touching - I love that you guys brought good news and good deeds. I know it touched the hearts of these little ones and those who were able to witness it. Hope the barii and safari were fun!