Thursday, December 13, 2007

Out of Africa

Back from Africa. We arrived early this morning in DC and then flew back to Denver. As we were boarding in Jo'berg, a couple was standing in front of me and the husband was wearing a "Lafayette Colorado Fire and Rescue T-Shirt". Turns out they live less than a mile away and I caught a ride back from the airport with them.

Jack, Drew and Luke all were excited to see me. No kisses from Jack but no silent treatment or 'the cold shoulder' either. I think Luke was almost excited to see me as he was to see what I brought him.

Here's a few thoughts from the last few days...
  1. The safari was fun but long.
  2. Johannesburg (Jo-berg) feels more dangerous than Pretoria. Probably because the whole downtown area has been taken over by Nigerian drug lords.
  3. I could see families living in Pretoria even though it has high crime too but can't imagine living in Jo-berg.
  4. Not sure which would be more unsafe... downtown Jo-berg at night or standing outside a van with lions around.
  5. Soweto is overwhelming. (We visited a museum of the Soweto uprisings . Maybe 5 million people live in this township with incredible poverty.)
  6. I went down the only street in the world where two Noble Peace Prize winners lived - Bishop Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela - and even more incredibly that its in Soweto.
  7. I really like Natan who is the Coordinator of the Campus ministry for CCC in all of South and East Africa (23 nations). We met with him Monday morning.
  8. I saw more movies on the plane rides than I have all year.
  9. I probably ate more meat one night at "Carnivore" than I have all year. And stuff I will never eat again... zebra, kudu, crocodile, warthog. The warthog and the zebra were not that bad. But the croc kept wanting to come up for next two days.
  10. I will miss my traveling companions. Seemed strange to say 'goodbye' at the airport.
  11. I am glad to be with my family.

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