Monday, January 14, 2008

Oatmeal Festival

Saturday as a family we went to the 12th Annual Oatmeal Festival. It was just down the road from our house at the Lafayette Rec Center and Pioneer Elementary school. We didn't do the 5K but I saw our next door neighbors getting ready to run.

At the Rec Center, they had a health fair of sorts. Another of our neighbors, John, is a nurse and he had a booth where people could ask medical questions. We also ran into his wife, Jennifer, and kids - Ben and Ellie Grace - too. I think we see them at every Lafayette function. The boys loved getting free toothbrushes at a Dental Care booth. Almost like a cheap toy. Now if we could just get them to use them... Another room at the rec center was a science fair and Luke got to see the dissection of a sheep heart. I was trying to stay out the way as I still had not gotten what I came for...

The Oatmeal Bar! At Pioneer Elementary was the largest oatmeal bar you have ever seen with limitless toppings. I made the mistake of adding gummy bears to Jack's bowl. Robin was none to pleased. We sat in the gym next to a nice older lady from North Dakota who was visiting her son. Like us they were not Quaker's but enjoyed the oatmeal nonetheless.
Oh and my Oatmeal Bar was free because I entered the Oatmeal Challenge. I have to eat oatmeal for 30 days to see if my cholesterol goes down. Small price for free oatmeal bar and all the oatmeal supplies I need for a month.

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