Friday, January 11, 2008

10 Years Ago

10 years ago... give or a take a day... I walked into the first night's meeting at a conference in Florida for staff & students across the US preparing to lead an Int'l Missions Project and saw Robin. We were both preparing to lead projects to East Asia.

I traveled to the conference along with several other single staff guys - Tim, Tom and Rob - and one staff guy, Steve who was married. Steve said to all of us that morning before we got on the plane, "Guys you may find your wife here. Think about it: godly women, who are on staff, leaders and have a heart for the world." So Steve got us pumped up.

That night I met Robin. I really should say met again. I had met her about 12 years earlier when she was a Senior at UGA and I was on staff at Clemson. But I really didn't know her. In fact, I said, "You look familiar." Robin replied, "I'm Deb's roommate." And I said, "You went to Georgia, right?"

Deb was Robin's roommate at Indiana University of Pennsylvania where they both on staff. I had meet Deb exactly a year earlier. Deb came home from that conference and announced to Robin, "I have found the guy you are going to marry." For a year she prayed that we would meet and fall in love. I of course was not aware of this.

We spoke a little that night and then the next morning Robin was late for the meeting. (A foreshadow of things to come.) The gal she was rooming with at the conference saved her a seat. it happened to be right next to me. We talked. (Though Robin said later that I was distracting her from what the emcee was saying. That emcee happens now to be my boss and I now work with the ministry of Crusade that sends and trains CCC staff & students oversees.)

That evening, there was an ice cream reception. I was talking to two other staff women gals and Robin was talking to this guy across the room. I turned and our eyes met. For a split second I pondered whether I should make a move and I did. The rest as they say is 'history'. We were married a little over two years later.

I asked Robin last night, "Did you think then that 10 years later you would be extracting a black-eyed pea out of your son's (Jack's) right nostril?"


Anonymous said...

SO sweet - I adore stories like this :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing your side of the story. of course, being the other roommate of Deb & Robin's allowed for the other perspective! I still remember her getting ready for your first date.

Ironically, this month will be 10 years that I met my husband Tommy, who was a student at WVU when Robin was on staff here. Small world!

Angela said...

I never tire of hearing that story... so sweet...
Look forward to being close to ya'll again soon!!

Anonymous said...

All the sentiment that's shared here, and all I can say is I to please stop talking while I'm speaking up front. This has gone on now for 10 years and I'd like to see it turn around. This will show up on a 360, believe me.
Oh, and this is a great story!

Sincerely, the boss.

Jane said...

What a great story. Isn't it remarkable how God brings us together with the person He has chosen to be our life partner??? In both our cases he did a great job!