Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Last Night I participated in my first Caucus. I have voted in primaries but never caucused. So at 7 pm, I drive to the local high school and found the table upstairs in the library where my precinct was gathering. There were 12 of us for precinct 35 of the Republicans which I am registered as. Robin is registered without a party affiliation so she couldn't participate and she needed to put kids to bed anyway. She was gracious to let me go.

I fully expected it to be like the Iowa Caucus where you voted for your candidate and then if they didn't have enough votes you voted again until you were left with two and the one with the majority wins. But no.... at least not for the Republicans of Colorado.

It was non-binding straw poll. I voted secretly. They counted them out and my guy actually was third by one vote. I would have liked to voted again for the number two guy who was second by one vote but we didn't do it that way. Then our little precinct/table selected delegates for the county to vote again in March. We were allotted 5 which seems a lot for just 12 people but again it’s based on number of registered voters not the number who showed up.

So one guy elects himself as a delegate and I can tell he is for the guy I am not for. How do I know? Let’s just say he looks like someone in his day that would have driven around my neighborhood on a bike with a coat and tie. So I volunteered myself.

But even the vote on March 8th is non-binding because as a county we will send people to state. Crazy. But maybe by then the guy I certainly hope is not the candidate will have bowed out.

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emily said...

Hey Andy, I went to the Caucus too! Was yours at Centaurus too? Kind of crazy, but I got elected to be a delegate at county for my precinct!