Monday, February 04, 2008

I Stand Corrected

A week ago I lamented about the upcoming Sunday Bowl. Mostly because I didn't care about either team and especially didn't like the Pats. I even went as far as being critical of Tom Coughlin, coach of Giants.

I stand corrected. It was a great game... maybe the greatest Super Bowl ever! One for the ages. Mighty Goliath was slain. And you know, thinking back, Coach Coughlin did do something classy. In week 17 when his team had already clinched a playoff spot and were playing the 15-0 Pats, he went for it. Conventional wisdom says you rest your starters and tank the game. But he was facing history so he played them and in turn it gave them confidence that they could win yesterday

Hopefully we can stop this silliness of crowing teams as "The Greatest Ever" before they actually win anything. But we can say that Archie Manning produced "The Greatest Ever QB Genes". Though Cooper (the eldest) messes up the perfect record.

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