Saturday, February 23, 2008

Traveling with Luke

Tomorrow Luke and I will get on a plane. Just us. Well and all the other passengers. I have a week-long conference in SC and Luke is going to stay with his parents.

Luke is homeschooling this semester in Pre-school so he, Grammy and Grand Papa will do little field trips and projects.

We need to be at the airport @ 5:15 am for 6:15 flight. We fly to Dulles arriving a little before noon. Then we take a small puddle-jumper to Columbia, rent a car and drive to Grammy's.
Luke made a poor choice tonight and choice to not take a bath so he will have to get up at 4 am to bathe. Robin will get him up since she is more by the book on Love and Logic and let him choose. Me? I'd just bathe him tonight or let him go w/o one. But then again I don't think he's had one in a week so maybe those sitting near us wouldn't like that.

So this is like the first time we have traveled just Luke and me; though when Robin was carrying Jack and Drew, he and I drove to Moab to meet my parents who were on a bus trip across the West. Of course one day we will make the excursion to PA together.

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orangejack said...

it's always a good idea to take kids to sc.