Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Caveat Emptor - Let the Buyer Beware

Quite frankly, not sure how I feel about the news of Airborne reaching a tentative settlement in a class action lawsuit that the company misrepresented its product.

Okay they may have misled some but come on... it's a dietary supplement for heaven sakes! Does anyone really think any dietary supplement works? They clearly said 'it was created by a school teacher'. A school teacher? My mom was a school teacher. I can't see her in some secret lab coming up with a formula that cures the common cold. It's just advertising like when we saw the sailor go up in lighthouse and say 'What's this? Hmm a non-dairy creamer'. Like we didn't know creamers were supposed to be made from dairy and not plastic.

I just don't get the whole 'sue everybody and his brother' kick America is on. Think how our healthcare costs could be reigned in if we had tort reform. Didn't anyone read that novel by John Gisham, King of Torts where the main character gets rich of Tort cases?... I think his name was John Edwards.

Then again... maybe old John is thinking right. We forked over hard earned cash on these Airborne things and all it was was gas. (Robin was a firm believer. I scoffed them but took them anyway so that makes me culpable as well.) Perhaps we should apply.... and John Edwards needs to pay off his campaign debts anyway.

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The Baileys said...

Too much effort to dig through receipts to find the ones in which Airborne was purchased.