Thursday, April 03, 2008

My Brackets

The Final Four is upon us and for the first time since I can ever remember I am still in this thing. My theory of filling out as many brackets as possible actually didn't hurt me this year. ... So far.

Like you care... here's a breakdown of where I stand...

1. My facebook - I have Memphis over Kansas. I am sitting at 7th place among 123 friends of mine playing. This bracket is in several groups. I think if Memphis wins, I win though someone close to me may have UNC instead of Kansas in the final.

2. Sleestack Madness - which is another CBS bracket group launched by Orange Jack. In this one I also have Memphis winning but over UNC. This is the 5th year in a row I have been in this group. I am 9th of 25 but no one above me has Memphis. And the other two guys who have Memphis also have UNC in the final game. So basically if Memphis wins, no matter who they play, I win.

3. On I have 4 brackets in two groups. In one group ('Hoops2008' run by a friend from HS and College) I have 3 brackets and then I have one in a Great Plains region group. My real one: 'Felton's Phenoms' - is sitting tied for #1 of 67 entries of Hoops2008. It's at 98% of what the overall leader in ESPN has. In this one again, I have Memphis over Kansas. I can say honestly that this bracket is the one I filled out first. The others are tweaks of that. One is a joke as I called it "1983 revisited' and put UGA in the final four.

I haven't totally seen what would happen in the ESPN one or Facebook one, if its Memphis vs. UNC but basically if this scenario plays out: Memphis and Kansas winning on Sat. and Memphis winning on Monday, I win this ESPN bracket, facebook (among friends and all of my groups except maybe the "John McCain" one) and the Sleestack one!

If Memphis loses... my only hope is doing 'better' in the other 3 ESPN brackets as one has UNC winning, one has UCLA winning and one has Kansas.... So go Tigers!!!!

Of course since my wife doesn't like watching sports or understand why I do... I probably lose no matter what.

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The Baileys said...

Being as how I went to a UC school, I'm going to have to continue to root for UCLA. Go Bruins!