Thursday, April 03, 2008

New Era

Despite the April Fools joke earlier this week, we are officially out of the crib stage...

We held out as long as we could... Last Saturday Jack decided he was ready fro a big boy bed. Drew said he wasn't. So we dismantled Jack's crib and brought up a single bed mattress and box spring that Robin had since college I think. (It's really old and held together but duct tape.).

For a few nights Jack and Drew shared this mattress. We had a few nights where they kept coming out laughing and making excuses about not going to bed. But for the most part they have stayed there without the bars of the crib.

A couple of nights later, Drew decided he wanted his own big boy bed so we stacked the two crib mattresses on the floor next to Jack's. But it wasn't until two night ago that I officially took down his crib and styored int he garage next to Jack's while Robin read them bed-time stories. Drew kissed it good-bye.

Yesterday morning when I woke up they were out of their beds quietly playing. No more crying for mommy to come get them. No more having to wait until we got up. They are free. I think Robin is a little sad, though.

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