Saturday, August 16, 2008

After Two Plus Days

Well we are almost at the half-way point of the Global Briefing. Little change of plans with Robin and boys coming up. We have had rainy, cold weather here so they will come up tommorrow after church and stay Sun and Mon night. good call because there is also a Bluegrass festival here this weekend so our boys may not have slept with that a loud thunder.

Some highlights of the briefing thus far for me...
* Worship with Autumn Film
* Hearing from our bible teachers (and good friends/mentors to me) - Chip Scivicque and Jay Lorenzen
* Leading a seminar we titled "When the Soil is Hard". About 1/3 of all the STINTers attended this seminar that was offered twice yesterday. I shared a little but mostly led a panel of people who have served in hard places. it was a very encouraging time of focusing on being faithful and full of faith.
* Our regional time last night. Special, special time as all of our STINTers shard how God brought them to this point.
* The coaching appointments I have had thus far. Of the 6 guys going to Africa that I am coaching, I met with 2 today. It was a great time with both!
* Team time with the South Africa team tonight. I had to share with them the reality that may be split into two teams. We are still thinking they should stay together but we have been asked to seek God about this because of the reality that their team represents more than all the current campus staff in all of RSA at present. I was so proud of each of these 8 STINTers as though they all preferred to stay together and gave great reasons why.... to a person they said that they will still go no matter what and if the Lord wants them to split up they will. I was humbled by their willingness to lay everything before Christ and be willing to serve no matter what.

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