Thursday, August 14, 2008

Christ Alone

Today we start the Global Briefing conference in Copper Mountain, CO. It is a briefing for 300+ STINTers (1 year missionaries) with Campus Crusade who will go all over the world. These 300+ are from all over the US. We also have a few interns who work to reach Int'l students on campuses in the US.

Our theme this week is "Christ Alone". We will impart a lot of information on how to work as a team, how to minister and thrive overseas, etc. through main sessions and seminars. But foremost we want these young people to experience Christ this week and to know that this year is not about them. It's not about their team or Campus Crusade's name. It's about Christ and Him alone.

Pray for me. I am actually leading this conference. I hate saying that because one I hope Christ is leading it and I have a team of folks who are leading. But it does make for a unique week of seeing the conference as a whole being on top of things. I also will be coaching the team from our region going to South Africa.

Robin and the boys are planning to come up late Friday afternoon and stay the weekend. Luke has his orientation for Kindergarten on Friday so they will come up after then.

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