Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Season Over

Okay I realize that title could apply to my Braves and also my Dawgs.  (OUCH!) But the season that also is over is my Fantasy Football.

I have been playing Fantasy Football 10 straight years.  I have only one one championship but was in finals last year and in playoffs every year except the first year and the year Jack & Drew were born.  

This is by far the worst start I have ever had.  I am 0-4.  I know what happened.  Because I was at the Briefing right before, I went into the  draft unprepared.  But even worse is I banked on Brady. On a whim, I went against my strategy and drafted Tom Brady in the 1st round.  I knew he wouldn't have 50 TDs but I figured he was still the best QB and I could pick up other quality RBs later.  Not only did Brady go down in the first week but so did best best WR Marcus Colston. And the rest of my team basically stinks partly because I drafted 3 other guys who were hurt and I didn't even know it because of a lack of prep.

The first week was for sure a wash as Brady & Colston both got hurt.  But I had hoped I could salvage the season somehow especially since I picked up Kurt Warner on waivers.  I have been struggling every week though.  And the former grocery bagboy had 6 turnovers last week costing me a realistic chance of 1st victory. I am hereby the St. Louis Rams of Fantasy Football.

I realize no one really cares who but still stings after years of being in the mix.  I give the rest of the season away.  I will set my line-up but I will no longer try to pick up players through trades or waivers.  Stick a fork in me I am done.


Melanee said...

I feel your pain, that was me last year! No matter what I did or what trades I made everyone ended up hurt or having a bad season!

orangejack said...

So you're just going to quit? I feel bad for the league. I don't like it when other teams just give up because it's no fun for anyone. I hope you'll reconsider.

Andy McCullough said...

Orangejack, no fun for anyone? I scored in the 40's trying last week. I'd hate to take a player off waivers that could help someone who has a chance. Its no different than a professional team going towards a 'youth movement.' I don't need to waste my time worrying about who I am going to start at QB - Warner or JT Sullivan? Or if I shoot pick up a different Defense. I am even considering letting Lane Kiffen take over as coach. I heard is available. I promise not to throw him under the bus like Al Davis did.