Thursday, October 23, 2008

Luke Reads

The night before last Robin pulled out the book Luke choose from the school library... Kitten: Baby Animals.   And decided to see how much of it Luke could read.  He read the first page and didn't want to push it but Luke wanted to keep reading. He read the entire book needing help on just a couple of words.  

Okay maybe not earth-shattering but not bad for a first semester kindergartner.  Actually we think Luke could read before but he was always too embarrassed to do it or admit if he knew a word.   So really the biggest surprise for us is that he was willing to read aloud to us.   I tried it again last night with Little Bear but no avail.

I have to say I would have preferred Little Bear or another book to be his first public reading.  I am not a felinophile and just hearing him read it almost made my eyes water and me want to sneeze.  But we are still proud and pleased with his progress in reading, writing, drawing, etc at Ryan Elementary.

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