Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mexican Stand-off

Of course this is probably not politically correct but yesterday was a Mexican stand-off as  Jack and Drew - who don't like to be touched by each other - were seen staring each other down while poking the other's shoulder.

It's also how the cold war got started...   Nitka Kruschev and Ike Eisenhower first poked each other and said "don't touch me" at Camp David in 1959. Then it escalated through future Presidents and Premiers with the Bay of Pigs, the Missiles of October, several detentes, SALT talk treaties, "evil empire speeches" and on and on.   Until finally Reagan and Gorby hugged and made up.

Which is what Jack and Drew did.


Anonymous said...

Ha! So cute.

Global Road said...

Aweseome analysis of the last 50 years of int'l intrigue. I like it. Well done.
Could you now explain in similar terms our current financial meltdown?

Andy McCullough said...

Luke has a bank and Jack & Drew love to play with his coins even though they don't know really anything about money. I said we should let them play with them but my conservative wife didn't think it was a good idea but I didn't listen to her. They lost all of Luke's money but I am going to bail them out and take more of Luke's money and give to them to cover the loss.