Saturday, October 04, 2008

Two Days Left

Less than 48 hours Robin will be back.  In the past 3 days, we have...

Taken Luke to school twice and picked him up twice.  Been to Lowe's with Jack and Drew. Repaired two toilets.  Reseeded the grass in bare spots in back yard.   Broken up 4 fights between brothers.  Slept (or tried) with 3 scared little boys in one twin-sized bed all the while trying to convince two that the sand man is not real or scary.  Two morning had to tell sad little boys that mom was not here yet.  Marched in a parade pushing a stroller and carrying one boy for part the way.  Rode bikes and big wheels to the owl tree on the trail with one boy whining the whole way there and back.  Been through oh about 20 pairs of underwear.  Read through the same 3 books 3 times.  Played Luke in chess twice.... Gained greater respect for my wife and longed for her return.

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