Monday, October 06, 2008

Whern the Mommy Kitty is Away

We catch a spider put him in a jar and then catch flies and watch the spider eat them.

Instead of a 1000 small clean-ups we wait for one big clean-up time the afternoon before Mommy arrives.  (At least that's the plan)

We try to avoid those major battles like Daddy having to rebrush little boy's teeth after them and picking up toys before going to bed.

Conversations about the various colors of poopy are allowed.

Play clothes and church clothes are synonymous. 

Vegetables somehow don't make the meal menus.

Instead of rushing to doctor we work on getting a BB ball out of a little nose.

One word - videofest.


Matt Mikalatos said...

That last minute clean up thing almost never works for me. Good luck, my friend.

Andy McCullough said...

I was doing okay until the boys decided to make a mudpit in the front yard and play in it.