Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Bias Against Dinosaurs

Okay I know I am a dinosaur and probably not a single person who even knows what a blog is much less might read this one shares my angst.  But I do not have cable nor a satellite dish.  We don't even have an antenna on our roof.  We have rabbit ears... or we did.   Why should I pay for TV?  We get enough channels and I watch too much as it is.  

Forced to make the switch to the Digital TV before February 2009  (how often do they need to remind us ), I bought a converter box the other week.  Oh yes, the government gives you a $40 coupon.  Of course the coupon doesn't cover the full price of the converter so what kind of gift is that when the government is making the switch and forcing you to buy the thing.  And Murphy's Law, my antenna no longer worked so I had to buy a new one of those.  After being set back over $70 for stuff I didn't want, didn't need and couldn't afford in my budget, I have digital channels.  Yippie.  It's no better reception than what I got before and the favorite channel of my kids Rocky Mountain PBS doesn't come in at all.  (And yes, I read the instructions and have searched it both automatically and manually.)  No more Clifford or Arthur for them.

To top it all off we get several channels that I don't want.  I don't need to see (nor my sons see) Spanish-speaking channels of buxom women in videos or lame game shows.  Supposedly, I can block those shows with my new-fangled antenna but it doesn't seem to determine those shows are not suitable for kids.   I guess the only good thing is we get a 9 News Weather Plus Channel that Luke is fascinated by.   

And then I hear the news today that ESPN will alone show the BCS Championship games in a few years.  I guess I will just watch old videos on my VCR or listen to songs on my cassette player in my 93 Camry.

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