Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How are We Doing?

I was having an issue accessing a certain company website that was password protected so I emailed our IT Help @ HQ.  Turns out the reason I could no longer access it was because they changed the domain of my email account without telling me and so they password didn't match the site.  

(They are progressively changing the domains for all of us with CCC and started with those with first names that begin with 'A'.  But again no one was told, I just found out when the OPs Director in my office who also is an Andy figured it out.)

Actually before IT Help responded, a colleague figured out that my problem was the change in the domain and he went in and reset it.  Problem solved.  But the IT person finally got to my issue almost a week later and without asking me even if I was still having issues reset my email password.   They kindly told me by sending me an email telling me.  That was nice.

Of course since they changed my password, I couldn't access my email.  DOH! So not able to get on email all day yesterday, I emailed them  through gmail account. They responded not to my gmail account but to my corporate email account saying again that my password was changed.  I called them today and they said, "we sent you two emails". 

Less than excellent.

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