Friday, November 21, 2008

Homothumadon & The Jesus Way

I just posted another devotion for STINTers titled - Homothumadon.  It's actually a product of my having just finished reading Eugene Peterson's The Jesus Way.   Incredible book!  And two separate conversations the last two days about the need to have a unified respond to the enemies plots.

Man, there is so much that gripped me from that book.  I like Peterson's style - both in the creative way he writes and the way he calls us to follow a Jesus' path that doesn't look like the way we tend to go.   About two years ago, I raved about "Christ Plays in 1000 Places" and I'd place this book on par with that one.  (In between, tried to read "Eat this Book" but always got stuck.  I picked it back up again last night so will give it another go.)

And for those who want to put me on their gift list, I just added his new book to my Amazon wish list.  Which I realize is pretentious especially since no one has signed up to follow this blog.

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